How easy is it being a vegetarian in South Africa?

I have stopped eating red meat. I have had the feeling for a while that I should stop but never seemed to manage it. I would last a few days and return to it, but this time I think I have nailed it. It’s a strange thing. Sometimes I craved it and sometimes I looked at meat before I ate it and felt repulsion. Also I would feel weak after a day or so and climb straight into a burger or something and feel better for a short while but then feel guilty for eating it. So red meat is over for me even if I continue to eat it because of the guilt I feel after so I may as well stop


No dead Cow in here mate!

Years ago I was in Hermanus and I while I was waiting for my clients to return from a Whale Watching trip I was hanging around the harbour as the fishing boats came back in. There were 4 or 5 large silver fish, dead on the jetty all in a row and I was just staring at them. It was a hot day and the concreate was hot. Suddenly the fish on the far left started flapping around. It was still alive and it was obvious to me that it was in distress. I wanted to run over and throw him back in to cool blue water but I just stared at it. I was not brave enough.  The fisherman would have been understandable furious that I was interfering with his livelihood and his business.

Ever since then I have hardly touched fish and I doubt I will again. I can’t get that fish out my mind

I don’t eat Ostrich because I saw one get run over at Cape Point once and I remember how much pain it was in how scared it was and I remember thinking that all animals must feel that way in the slaughterhouse as they wait their turn

So I just eat chicken now and I want to get to the stage where I can leave that. My Daughter is a Vegetarian. When we were living in Kalk Bay she called me to remove a cockroach from the bathroom. I killed it and flushed it. She looked at me at said “Daddy, why did you do that? His life is as important to him as yours is to you” Maybe that’s when it started

So if you’re a Vegetarian or a Vegan and Visiting South Africa you may need to plan a bit. South African’s eat a lot of meat but you have lots of great options. I had the most amazing vegetarian bean lasagne the other day and on the Garden Route tour there are lots of great Vegetarian restaurants. As Cape Convoy has lots of Indian clients I have made it my business to know where they all are

Here is a list of some great Vegetarian restaurants in Cape Town

Chow Down you happy herbivores!

Until next time


Your Pal


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