Boulders Beach Vs Betty’s Bay, what’s the best for Penguin Viewing?

Alright, everyone loves Penguins right? I do and I don’t trust people who don’t. The Western Cape is home to various Penguin colonies dotted all along the coast and the most famous is probably Boulders Beach National Park just outside Simon’s Town, it’s certainly the most popular

The African Jackass Penguin (I believe the word Jackass has been dropped now because it probably offended some snowflake) was given its name because it sounds just like a Jackass Donkey when it is braying. They are the only Penguin species in Africa and do not migrate anywhere but do move from area to area along the coast depending on fish stocks. They hunt the small bait fish, sardines and so on and because of overfishing they are endangered


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To protect them from humans the National Parks where you can view the Penguins have wooden walkways that you use to view them. The walkway also keeps people away from their nests so they can raise their young in peace without being stampeded to death

There is another place you visit Penguins is Betty’s Bay on route to Hermanus. To get there you take the stunning Clarence Drive along the coast. It’s a long way out of Cape Town and we only go to Hermanus during Whale Watching Season (August – November) and when we do we stop is Betty’s Bay. Some Private Garden Route tour clients like to stop there if they have planned their own itinerary.

On the full day Cape Point tour we visit Boulders Beach. It’s busy with tourists but we know a few tricks to help you avoid them and know a few places where they hang out (not for sharing here) but it’s expensive. From November I have heard the entrance fee’s is going up to R150 pp

Betty’s Bay is cheaper R20 and has way less people so would say Betty’s Bay is a better experience but you can only go there (with us) if you book a Garden Route tour and request it, and that would mean dropping something else.

So in summary, Betty’s Bay is better and cheaper but Boulders is easier and on the Cape Point tour and you get it free when you book the Garden Route tour anyway

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